Welcome to the official actors website for MONIQUE MOSES.

For those who ever doubted me- this website proves it. I’m an OFFICIAL ACTOR.

 Brother on Low_2

WRAPPED…“I’M AN EYE WITNESS…FOR EYE WITNESS NEWS!” Just shot this really fun spot for Eye Witness News a few weeks ago, and though it was colder than a witches…er, feet, out there, I still had a blast. Thanks to ABC and Churchman Productions! Look for it on a cab ride near you ….



I’m on UCB Lloyd team ASTRONOMY CLUB and it rocks. The second ever team to audition as a preformed team and be cast as a house team in the history of UCB, ASTRONOMY CLUB brings its fresh and energetic brand of comedy to the UCBeast stage every other Wednesday, and you don’t want to miss out!  Reserve your tickets today!




My brand spanking new UCB Maude team is hard at work in rehearsals preparing for our debut show happening Monday, Jan 5th! Don’t want to give anything away but I may or may not be in a wig doing a funny voice. Sketch-tastic!